Current Textivate User? If you have a Textivate subscription which is currently active, you may be eligible for a discount based on the time remaining on your Textivate subscription. To take advantage of this discount, you MUST contact us so that we can confirm any discount that may be available and send you a Stripe invoice for payment (by credit card). Customers who ignore this and pay for a subscription via this page will no longer be eligible for any discount which may have been available. (The subscription fee paid is non-refundable).

If you take advantage of this offer, your current Textivate subscription will remain available until it is due to expire.

Click here for more information about this discount.




You can use the teacher and student selectors above to see how much a subscription would cost based on various teacher and student limits. Once you are happy with your choice, click on the "Subscribe" button to fill in your details, finalize your numbers, and then proceed to the checkout.
Please try to ensure that your subscription will match your needs -- i.e. teacher and student numbers -- for the whole subscription term. While it is possible to increase the number of teachers and / or students during the subscription term, this can only be done by contacting us and requesting an increase, requiring us to send you a Stripe invoice (payable by credit card). Please note that if you do do this, as stated in our terms & conditions, the minimum charge will be £20 GBP.
* Increments are currently charged at £10 GBP per additional teacher and £10 GBP per 100 additional students.
Please note that once you have subscribed to TextActivities, the subscription fee is non-refundable. This statement also appears clearly in our terms and conditions, to which you must agree before making a purchase.